Sex Toys for Menopausal Women – Starter Guide

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All geared up to feel some pleasure and not sure where to start?

If you have begun your search full of enthusiasm, and even a little mischief in your heart, you probably googled “sex toys” only to get a barrage of pages describing “anal beads vs. anal plugs,” “glass dildos” vs “silicone dildos,” external vs internal vibrators, slappers vs spankers.  Whew!  That is enough to intimidate anyone. 

If you are post-menopausal, approaching menopause, or just over 50, you have come to the right place. 

Our sexologists have outlined a few tips to keep in mind when you are picking out sex toys after 50. Your body is changing (or has changed) in a way that is different from when you were 20 and that can influence your choice of toys. 


1. Start with Lubricant

After 50 our bodies starts producing a little less moisture than before, and that includes our vaginas and vulva.  Lubrication makes everything that much more supple and pleasurable.  

Sliquid Natural Lubricant for Menopausal women

Sliquid Lubricant is water soluble and is closest to our natural lube.  Endlessly slippery, it never seems to dry up. 

Tip: just add a little water to reinvigorate your lubricant. 


2. Use Supple Toys


Find toys that bend with you.  Aging tissues tends to become thinner and less elastic.  This change can be challenging, especially when a slight bump that used to go unnoticed or may even have been arousing before menopause, might now cause a jolt of pain or discomfort.  Toys made with silicone are an excellent choice as they are both body safe (no phthalates) and pliable.  And yeMark 02 Tantus Realistic Dildot they are firm enough to give the toy structure without being too hard.  Make sure to choose toys with smooth edges.

Mustang Vixskin Dildo is a touch experience -- soft and supple, yet keeps firm for penetration.  It is so deliciously real and soft, you won't want to keep your hands off it!


3. Use a Dildo (at least now and then):


The vagina needs a work out too -- being massaged, squeezed and contracted.  This stimulation will keep vaginal walls active and will ward against thinning and drying by bringing rich and nourishing blood flow to feed the tissue. If you are not haviSilk Slim Silicone Dildong intercourse with a partner, a dildo is an ideal option. Or if your partner's erection is not always there, a dildo is an idea choice.

Charm Slim Dildo is a perfect starter dildo for women 50+, slim, pliable and smooth for easy pleasure.


4. Strong Vibrations:


As tissue wanes and blood flow decreases, so can our ability to feel sensation as we did before menopause. We may need more stimulation to get the same nerve endings to fire.  Vibrators ramp up the sensation, increasing the intensity of stimulation needed to achieve orgasm without tiring a hand (or tongue).  

Lelo Smart Wand has the strongest vibrations of any rechargeable vibrator. An ideal place to start. (Winner of 2014 Best Vibrator 50 +)

Keep in mind menopause is a time of change, which means what you are experiencing now may change again tomorrow or next year.  Adopt an attitude of “go with the flow.” 



1 Comment

Onania Feb 10, 2014
I sent this article to my husband, who actually read it and he relaxed about having an erections. We ended up looking at toys together. Love it!

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