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Ripple Anal Plug/Beads from Babeland

The Ripple is a favourite for women trying anal play for the first time. It's slim, sexy and rippled for added stimulation [More]

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Babeland - 250 ml Maximus by Babeland, NA

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Orgasms 101

How to Have a Clitoral Orgasm

2 Comments |Posted in Orgasms 101, How-To's

The clitoral orgasm is the first and foremost orgasm for women. It the orgasm considered to be the most pleasurable and intense by most women. Clitoral orgasm occurs most often as a result of stimulating the clitoris through masturbation and oral sex (cunnilingus).

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How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

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The mysterious G-Spot is no longer such a mystery. And the orgasms that result from a little massage of the G-Spot can be explosive. The G-Spot is very real and leads many women to a unique and explosive orgasm. The G-Spot Orgasm is an orgasm arising from massaging the G-spot, an area a few inches inside the vagina that is deeply connected to the ‘internal’ clitoris. It has been described as a feeling that is close to the intensity of a clitoral orgasm but involving a feeling of “bearing down”, or an urgency to pee. It is this orgasm that has been linked most often to female ejaculation.

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How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

4 Comments |Posted in Orgasms 101, How-To's

The vaginal orgasm is here! Not just one sensation -- it is a symphony of pleasure that arrives from stimulating the vagina. Described as a “deep and whole-body” sensation, the definition of a vaginal orgasm is an orgasm that originates from vaginal penetration alone (without external clitoral stimulation). The vaginal orgasm is experiencing a bit of a comeback of late. As we learn more about the richness and complexity of the vagina, we realize just how much potential it has to give endless orgasms.

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How to Have a Dual Orgasm

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Can’t make up your mind which type of orgasm to have? Why not have both! There is nothing like a dual orgasm, combining the localized intensity of the clitoral orgasm with the overall body strength of the vaginal orgasm. So, how does one achieve such intense bliss? Two things really have to be going at the same time – deep vaginal penetration that stimulates the entire vagina, including the cervix and vaginal walls (even the G-Spot), as well as external clitoral stimulation.

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