Dahlia After Dark, our trusted sex toy reviewer, tells us all about the Lelo Gigi - the world's top selling G-Spot Vibrator


One day last week, I came home to find a box of wine on my doorstep and a vibrator in my mailbox. In the words of my 10 year old, THIS was an "epic" day!

While the kids were shooting hoops outside, I marvelled at the beautiful packaging & visage of my new friend. I perused the instruction manual and set about charging my new toy in a discreet place. And as with any new relationship, I also did a little bit on on-line sleuthing. I discovered that gigi by Lelo is a bit of a cult-classic in the vibe world: it is the world's best selling G spot vibrator & has received hundreds of rapturous reviews in print & on-line media. Ah, the elusive & controversial G spot: some experts debunk it as non-existent while others claim it is the source of the most intense female orgasm imagined. I am relatively new to the G spot orgasm, but I can assure you that unlike other mythical creatures she is very real. And she is WONDERFUL.*

The gigi has a flattened tip that makes it easier to reach that elusive place and was, as promised, whisper quiet. I really liked that she was controlled by intensity rather than rhythm; a lot of vibes boast variety but sometimes all you need is to turn the volume down a bit when you're done with one orgasm but not quite ready for the next one.

Yes, my friends. There were multiple orgasms that night. The first one came (forgive the pun) fast & furious but gigi was not finished with me. The second orgasm was deeper and much  more intense than the first. Knowing that I'm a "third time is the charm" kind of girl, I dialled down the intensity from a 4 to a 1 & waited until I was ready for Number Three. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Thank you, gigi. I'm yours.

While I don't quite have enough toys to merit a "Pleasure Chest" I do have a very special place in my closet for my favourite girls. And Miss gigi? She's moved to the front of the class.

*Just as men refer to the things they love & fear most as female - think cars, ships, airplanes, hurricanes - I also think of my orgasms as female.

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V. S. Jun 21, 2013
Signed, sealed and delivered? OK, now I'm REALLY interested. I'm going to add to my pleasure chest. Thanks for the great review.
Diana Jun 21, 2013
Multiple orgasms?? Really? If only. Maybe it's worth a try ...
Dahlia After Dark Jun 28, 2013
I can assure you that the gigi is the gift that keeps on giving. I've become quite adept at wrangling this spirited filly & have my multiples down to an art. Next up, I'll be trying the Lelo Luna Beads.
Julie Jun 28, 2013
You had me at "orgasm".
Julie Phelps Oct 3, 2013
Two questions about this model:
1. Is it the MOST quiet of powerful vibrators?
2. It looks like it would be effective on all the areas surrounding the clit as well as on the clit too - is that a correct assumption?
Bloom Oct 3, 2013
Hi Julie,
Great questions...
1. While we're reluctant to speak in absolutes, we feel pretty comfortable saying the Gigi is among the most quiet of powerful vibrators. Lelo does a wonderful job with their manufacturing - producing quiet vibrators is one of their many strengths, and one of the reasons we love them so!
2. Yes, your assumption is correct! While the Gigi has a curved, flattened tip that's perfect for G-Spot stimulation, this flattened surface is where the power is concentrated, so it's also great for direct clitoral stimulation, or really anywhere you choose to place it.
Thanks for your questions, Julie!

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